Silhouette Art by Vana Chupp


Silhouette Art: Papers, Instructions, and Patterns for Making Modern Heirlooms

Book arrives autographed by silhouette artist Vana Chupp

Both classic and modern in their simplicity, silhouettes are a lovely way to make inexpensive yet exquisitely unique gifts. With the materials included in the package—and very little time or artistic skill—you can make stunning silhouettes to frame, hang as ornaments, apply to stationery, make into jewelry, and create other keepsakes. All you need is a photograph (or template provided), a pair of scissors, and the contents of this crafty treasure trove.

Includes 24 pp booklet with color photos, 30 pull-out sheets, 18 silhouette templates, printed card stock frame, and vellum storage pocket.



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