Celebrate them! They won’t stay little forever!

November 27, 2013

My favorite pastime activity is going through old pictures of our family, especially the boys. Every year around the holidays I get the urge to pull out their baby pictures and start comparing their features. I spend hours reminiscing over their births, first weeks of life at home, the struggles, the joyous moments together as a family. Some days I wish they could stay little forever. Don’t you?

Holidays have a way of making us slow down and enjoy one another. We focus our attention around family, traditions and the things (and people) we’re thankful for.
Holidays are the perfect time to celebrate the ones we love. And because the littlest ones don’t stay little forever, what better way to do so than spotlighting them?

Our Silhouette Greeting Cards feature your loved ones’ silhouettes and your favorite greeting. Ordering is simple. Send us your pictures and we will send over a proof prior to printing your cards.

Remember! We keep all custom silhouettes on file. If you’ve ordered from us before and have a custom silhouette on file, you can use that silhouette on your future orders free of charge. We would love the opportunity to make something unique for your crew!


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