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What’s in a name | Growing to Know You Silhouette Print

August 28, 2013

This is the second post on the “What’s in a Name” series where I pick a product from our collection and share a story of how it came to be. Today’s story is a personal one.

Two years ago as I found out I was pregnant with John I set out to document my long prayed for pregnancy by drawing silhouettes of my growing belly. The end results brought the “Growing to Know You” Silhouette print, which is now available in the shop.

Capturing my growing belly in silhouette form was something I anticipated each month. It allowed me to reflect on the little life growing inside of me, the blessing I was given. Each month’s silhouette would be paired with a letter to John in which I would express the way I felt about my pregnancy with him. Looking back I couldn’t have imagined a better way to document this important time in my life.

The best part about this print is how I decided to name it. I asked my Facebook and Instagram followers to submit their suggestions and boy was I amazed with all the feedback! The tittle “Growing to Know You” stuck with me as it really spoke of the way I felt throughout my pregnancy.

Are you expecting and looking for a way to document your growing belly? Get in touch with me! I would love to create something truly unique for you!


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