New Studio Tour!

July 12, 2010

Hi there! Come on in!

If you’re following me on Facebook, you know I’ve teased you for over 2 weeks now with sneak peeks of my new studio. Well, here it is! I am all moved in and so far have enjoyed every minute spent in my new studio. I am loving all the light that comes in through the tall windows.

Everything has it’s space which make the studio look fairly organized most of the time (something I’ve always struggled with working from home).  You might remember my original posts, here and here about my home office? Aaron custom built my work area – which I love – but as the business kept growing, so did the need for more space. I never thought I would enjoy so much working outside the home – but so far, this has proven to be the best decision I ever made. Not only am I super productive during the time I am in the studio, but I get to BE with my family when I am home.

This is the view from the entry.



It is my favorite view – as it reminds me the day I first stepped foot on this space (love at first sight!)
You can see the art wall here. I spent hours working on it and I am so pleased with the way it turned out. I like to think of this wall as my art collection display. The mix of art by other artists and mine own work makes is very meaningful to me. 


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Here is where all the printing happens. Everything is conveniently located within easy reach – literally. To make the desk top, we refurbished the closet door – it had the perfect dimensions for the space (I purchased the VIKA ARTUR legs from IKEA). The cutting station is located right next to the printing area. The second desk doubles as cutting – folding – packaging area.



The EXPEDIT bookcases are from IKEA. Aaron screwed the two bookcases one on top of the other taking advantage of the ceiling height. It works great!

I store the envelopes for my stationery and invitations, packaging materials, shipping boxes and crafting supplies inside the closet. I added a bookcase (found at a curbside and repainted) and additional shelving to accommodate everything.  Here is a sneak peek!



Another great thing about the studio is the wall space – there is so much of it – which makes for additional space to display my work – from calendars to art prints. I love it!


These little paper suitcases have been a signature of my workspaces. Don’t they make for fun decoration? Not only that – they double as extra storage for my jewelry supplies.


There’s still a lot to be done (you haven’t even seen the other side of the studio). That would be another post. For now, I am enjoying the way it is.

Well, there you have it!
What do you think?


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