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BATHROOM: Callie goes shopping!

June 20, 2010

Hi you guys! I am so excited to be sharing with you part deux on Callie’s bathroom renovation. Last weekend she went tile shopping and is now sharing her finds with us all. Exciting!



Hello, It’s me Callie.
I am so happy to be back here guest posting on Vana’s lovely blog.  I have been busy looking at finishes for my bathroom!  Last weeks post of the existing bath showed you how dreadful my bathroom is at the moment!!!
Inspiration!  I pulled a bunch of images together of bathrooms I really loved and a common theme was emerging! White, clean tile with a contrast of black and grey.  I would love to use a pop of colour like magenta!!  Sweet ruffles for a curtain and slick fixtures!!
Above is a quick sketch I did on the train to show the layout of the exiting bathroom.  Last week you saw the photos……yuck!
Well, I started shopping last weekend looking at tile until my head felt like it was going to pop off!!
I have narrowed it down a bit! *sigh*
I went to The Tile Store, where Tim Degnan was extremely helpful.  He started to help me last year when I went in the first time, the second, the third and the tenth time!! He must think I am crazy!!
But I am actually purchasing this weekend, since I have measured and calculated what is needed!
I just need to select the wall tile and floor tile.  I believe I have finally done so, but I will not tell you which tiles until I have purchased. I will show you the selections, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the short list.



The carrara marble tiles have always been a favorite.  Here are two styles, pillow top and straight edge. These are about 3×5 tiles and run about $10.00 a square foot


White Metro ceramic tiles! Love them with a grey grout.  In these images one is 4×16 and the other is 4×6. They both are rocking my world with the clean lines.  The larger one makes the the wall more solid white.



The tiny black .5x.5 square tiles are shiny and look great with dark charcoal grout.


The 1/2 penny round tiles are HOT! love them to pieces. But I do think in my small bathroom it is going to look crazy busy!


Now here is a bigger tile, 2″ hex black limestone tiles.  I really love the look and feel of the stone!!

I hope to buy the floor and wall tiles this weekend.
Next up wallcovering & paint!!  I am really loving this wallcovering.  But next week, I will be showing you some of my selections of wall paper and paint colours.
Have a wonderful weekend!!  see you next week!



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