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What takes me back…

March 25, 2009

Smells take me back in time, to the most profound yet littlest details from the past. The sight of the ocean and its smell make my heart swell. It reminds me of my sweet home which was and still is located less than 1/4 mile away from the water. The smell of roasted coffee beans takes me back to the peaceful mornings at home, the hours and hours of talk with my sisters over the silliest things.

I recently discovered a lost smell. The smell of sweet little roses…the tiniest little roses there is. I owe this new discovery to my dear friend, Ded, who so thoughtfully put the most adorable little package in the mail: little roses from her recent trip to Morocco. The most fragrant roses you have ever smelled (and you wondered if there is such a thing). You see, I grew up with a little rose bush next to our front door. That rose bush was long gone and my parents haven’t been able to replanted.

You can only imagine the way I felt when I took a sniff at these cuties. How is it the little things have the greatest impact in our lives?

Is there something that takes you back to those happy days? Would you care to share?

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