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You asked for it…

March 20, 2009

How to make your own Greek style yogurt

I was twittering this morning and one of the discussions was how much would you pay for your 0% fat Greek Yogurt (Fage brand let’s say- one of the most popular brands in US and Greece for that matter). I would make my own instead, much cheaper that way. So, here we go ladies! Take notes! (well actually you don’t need too because this recipe is easy, only 3 ingredients). Thanks Nichole for the idea to post this.

You will need

1 quart (32oz) of low fat organic cow’s milk {note: growing up, my family never believed in low fat milk, we used full fat and even goats milk for extra thick yogurt}
2 tablespoons of previously made Greek yogurt {for your first batch, you can use the 2% Fage brand as a starter}
2 tablespoon of low fat organic milk {same kind as above}


Important: all ingredients should be room temperature before you start.

Slowly heat up the milk on the stove on low-medium heat. It should reach 170 degrees but not boil. A thermometer would be very handy at this point. Once it reaches that temperature, take it out. Pour the milk into a plastic container and let it cool til the thermometer reads 100-105 degrees. You will see a skin form on top {if you made it to here, you’re in good shape!}.
Mix the 2 tbls of the prepared yogurt with the 2 tbls of milk and transfer them to the lukewarm milk, carefully pouring it down the side of the container so it doesn’t disturb the formed skin.

At this point you can proceed two different ways:

1. using a yogurt maker

Transfer the mixture into a pre-heated yogurt maker for 4-8 hours. Refrigerate for at least 1-2 hours before serving.

2. the old school method (my grandma’s way)

Cover the plastic container with a clean dish towel and place inside another towel (you will have to wrap it as you would a baby :) and place into a warm, dry place for at least 8 hours (I leave it overnight, because i like it a bit on the sour side). After that, you would need to drain any eccess liquid and refrigerate 4 hours before eating. It will last 4-5 days in the refrigerator.

Make sure you save a little amount for your next batch.

For those who like their yogurt strained, like the Fage brand (extra creamy), follow these steps:
1. line a colander with a cheesecloth or very good quality paper towels. Place the colander over a bowl for the liquid to drip into. Cover the colander with a heavy dinner plate and refrigerate the whole thing for 24 hrs.

Things you can make with Greek yogurt:
-yogurt and fruit
-Greek yogurt cheese (good with crackers)
-honey and granola with yogurt
-honey with nuts and yogurt
-famous tzatziki sauce

…and much more. Let me know if you need more ideas :)

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