March 19, 2009

We decided to enroll Nikolas into a 5 day preschool program for this coming fall. Seeing how much fun he’s had this past year I am positive he will love the 5 day program. He’ll be 4 this May! He is now attending a 3 days program but the 5 day is a more advanced and they will be teaching them a lot of pre-kindergarten subjects. I am eager to see if he will be “accepted” into the program.
Decisions don’t come easy for me, but this one was a breeze. I am looking forward to the extra 6 hrs of work to be more productive and organized with my schedule. I couldn’t help but remember the time put into my business last year. I would like to be better this time around and be able to spend more time with the boys instead of being glued to my computer. I can’t commit to office hours yet, because I know I would be kidding myself but I can take small steps towards that goal.

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