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When things don’t come along the way you want them to…

October 07, 2008

It’s been awhile since I posted something from my heart. Well, it’s time I do, because I really need to.

Life has been great! I feel blessed to be married to the man I love and to have the most wonderful son, and do what I love. I get to travel once a year to see my family overseas and spend 3 weeks relaxing, laughing, enjoying good food and meeting old friends…..
This wasn’t the case this time around. My vacation was far from relaxing. I had a sick child for almost 2.5 weeks straight (we spent hours in the ER at an hospital that left me with many questions) The weather was terrible, which meant we could walk along the beach but not dive in (for those who know me well, this is a real killer) and to top everything of, we got stuck for 2 days at the airport in Milan trying to make it home…(which makes me appreciate this country 1000 times more!!)

But we made it home safe and sound (can’t tell you how it felt to finally land at O’hare!!!). I am slowly recovering from this long, tiring trip and I don’t even have time to reminiscent over anything yet. Nikolas made it to Preschool yesterday to only come home with a fever…He’s been so weak for the longest time so I guess it was only normal for him to catch the next virus. My heart aches!

Before I left on my vacation we decided I should go hourly instead of salary on my regular job. I have been wanting to spend more time developing Le Papier Studio and I felt only this way I will be able to achieve my goal. Work has been slow in the office, which translates to me not being able to barely put in any hours. So in a few words, I might be calling myself “unemployed” from the one job (for now at least)… Aaron has been so comforting by telling me that perhaps this is for the best. I tend to fall into sadness when such news hit my door…

But out with the bad news and in with the good ones….

I have decided to launch my own website well before Christmas and I wanted to give the heads up to all my blog readers on a couple of good things I have going because of it.

1. I will be doing a giveaway everyday for the 12 days of Christmas
2. Once the website is up and running, I will be offering great discounts and deals only for my blog readers.

More than ever I ask for your kind support. It is because of people like you showing the support you do, that I can go on. Thank you for that!
I will be posting some holiday deals shortly and I want you all the take advantage of them first hand. I was able to work on many holidays designs while away and can’t wait to share them with you.

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