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What just happened here?

October 03, 2008

Happy to be home….finally!

We’re back!
After a loooonnnnnnggggg 2 day delay in Milan, we’re here, home that is! I will spare you all the details, by wrapping it up sweet and short.
We were told we missed our connecting flight from Milan to Chicago (they lied to us!!!) and were not able to be put on another flight home for 2 days. I was desperate and scared (if you can imagine these two feeling together) and in shock. Nikolas wanted to be home and made that clear to me the moment we got into our hotel. We didn’t get out of the hotel much because I was terrified something unexpected would happen to us causing us to miss our flight on Thursday. So we waited, napped, took boring walks around the hotel and talked to family on the phone.

Thank God we weren’t alone! Another family with 3 small children was in the same boat with us! We made new friends, another little Nikolas only 1 day younger than our Nikolas….go figure!

I am still recovering from this long trip! I have a trunk show to attend tomorrow and I can say I am not as prepared as I would like me to be. But given the circumstances, I will try to do my best.

Thanks for all for keeping us in your prayers, via Leanne’s blog.

Once things have calmed down, I will be posting some great pictures from my trip and talk in more detail about some news.

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