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June 14, 2008

Column Detail, Montecito, Santa Barbara
Chupp’ 08
A friend of mine once told me that it doesn’t take much to keep your artistic juices going. All you have to do is create something you like everyday, or at least do a little of it everyday (in my case, would be drawing a line everyday)…did you read that last part? Everyday …that’s the key.
Mind you, he is not married or has any kids!
Me, I just hope I have a fraction of the time he has to create something I like, one line at a time, a day at a time….(now, I only hope this lasts a little).

On a post note, what do you think of this silhouette?…

The favorite part of selling on Etsy, is creating something like this for clients with great taste. This baby is going to be on the cover or wedding invitations. There is something amazing about silhouettes, not only do they capture the moment, but they leave you wondering….are they better then the picture itself? I sure think so!

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