OPINIONS PLEASE….I will be selling wholesale

May 18, 2008

Yesterday I was contacted by two different children’s boutiques to ask me if I would like to sell some of my products wholesale. One of them is Warm Biscuit , a children’s bedding (and much more) company. I love their stuff and I was so thrilled to know they adore my work. They will be carrying 4 of my personalized silhouette prints (to start with).

The other boutique is Sugar & Spice Kid which will be opening online in a few weeks.
This is pretty exciting for me as I didn’t envision something like this to happen so soon.

I would love for you (yes, you who are reading this now) to help me make a decision as to which prints I should decide to wholesale. I am listing a few which have sold very well on my Etsy shop. I need you to pick 4 of the ones you like the best. This will help me tremendously make a decision. I truly appreciate your opinions and support. So, here goes:

Thank you all!

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