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May 09, 2008

If there is one thing I am after these days, is simpleness. I am not even close to achieving it, I just “dream” about it a lot.

Everything around me seems to be pulling me away from being simple, not complicated. I want to have the spirit of a pure child for once, to just live life so simply and innocently, away from the confusion and the unexpected…

I sound like I am philosophizing, aren’t I?

It is true though! Look at children and the way they see things, the innocence in their actions..I just love that.

I have been spending more time outside, enjoying the wonderful weather we are having. We have started to take regular evening walks as a family. Also started to leave the jogger at home and have Nikolas walk on his own. Oh, you should see how proud he is of himself!

Tonight, as we were walking home, I just realized I have spent three years working part-time from home which has allowed me to stay home with Nikolas. That is changing soon though, I will be going more into the office now. I think I might be ready for this transition.

I leave you with these images…

the simpleness of a flower…..

and the innocence of a child…

(Image courtesy of Kerry Brooks @

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!!!

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