A Holiday Tradition

December 24, 2016

When it comes to holiday traditions, our little family has a few which we came up with over the years. Each year we give each boy an ornament with the idea that one day they will have a collection for their own Christmas tree. We try to keep it special and think of incorporating things they like that particular year in their lives. This Christmas I gave them each a Silhouette Ornament - because there ornaments have been too special and adorned by many, I wanted to boys to have one the year I launched them. Theirs are brass and have their silhouettes and year on them. Here is Nikolas'.

This year I also got them matching red PJ's personalized with their names. Nikolas is already 5'10" tall (growing up way too soon!) so I am doing all I can to treasure the moments they share as brothers, while they are still "little".

Here's Johnny opening his first Christmas gift (the ornament!)


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