5 Tips to Achieve the Perfect Photo for a Silhouette

January 11, 2018

Finally. The day has arrived. You're getting your own custom heirloom silhouette piece from Le Papier Studio. We frequently get questions about what kind of photo a customer should send in to us in order to achieve the piece they dream of - so we've put together some of our best tips for picking the perfect photo for your Le Papier Studio order!

1. Having the photo taken in front of a solid color + well lit background works best. 
photo credit Danica Nelson
2. Make sure the individual's entire head is captured in the photo - we don't want to miss any of the details! If your subject has hair past their shoulders consider putting it up into a pony tail or messy bun - these make for super cute silhouettes!
photo credit Danica Nelson
3. Trying to capture the sweet profile of a baby? We find that sneaking the photo while they're asleep and relaxed is easiest (for everyone involved!)
photo credit @cascompton
4. Stand 2-4 feet away from the subject and take the photo eye level with the person being photographed.
5. Looking to do a full body silhouette? Having the subject walking toward or away from the camera typically works best for this kind of shot. Jumping is fun too...as long as everyone is inside the frame 😉
We go into more detail regarding our process over on our website and of course we are happy to answer any questions or to help in any way possible. We know how important the tiniest of details are when capturing the perfect photo of your loved one! Still not exactly sure how to snap the perfect photograph? Drop us a line - we'd love to chat!

Le Papier Studio 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

November 13, 2017

The holidays often mean that we, as mothers, find ourselves busied with the tasks associated with the season. The baking, the decorating, the hustling and bustling. There's a buzz everywhere you go, a touch of magic in the crisp air. As I've gotten busier over the past couple years since having my two girls, I've realized how easy it is to sometimes forget ourselves or literally have no answer but "uninterrupted sleep for one night" when asked what it is that is on *our* wish list. So whether you're shopping for yourself, sending gift ideas to your significant other, or searching for the perfect gift for that hard to shop for aunt or girlfriend, we've put together a gift guide of some of our favorite items. These are all places that we've shopped at and grown to love, and we hope you do too!

1 | 5 | 9 | 10 | - Le Papier Studio

Perfect for: your mom + dad, grandparents, and the person who has everything.

Whether you’re wanting something small and classic or something larger and statement like, Le Papier Studio has exactly what you need for the perfect gift this year. Timeless silhouettes become heirloom pieces when Owner + Creative Director Vana Chupp infuses her magic touch into these pieces of art. Our favorites are the Heirloom Silhouette Ornaments, The Tiny Charm Necklaces, and the Silhouette Tie Bars + Money Clips. Since all of Le Papier Studio’s pieces are crafted with the silhouettes of your loved ones these are destined to become family classics that are handed down generation to generation.

2 - Seek and Swoon

Perfect for: your mother-in-law, favorite aunt and sister.

Cozy and beautiful these throws are almost guaranteed to become your favorite. When I received my first Seek and Swoon throw I was absolutely smitten. They’re the perfect weight for snuggling up on cold winter evenings. With designs to fit any décor or style there’s sure to be the perfect one for your gifting needs.

If you love their blankets (and who wouldn’t) don’t delay - they have a great holiday sale ending TONIGHT! No code needed to receive 30% off SITE WIDE and free shipping on orders over $100! That’s an amazing deal. Trust me.

3 - True Botanicals

Perfect for: you, your sister, your best friend

I am horrible at sticking to a routine when it come to beauty products. That's until I discovered True Botanicals! I have become obsessed with their products not only because they are so good to my skin but they are easy and quick to use...major mom bonus! They are made with the best of organic ingredients - I will never ever put on another product on my face. Watch for their Cyber Monday Sale! These amazing products rarely go on sale so this is your chance to scoop them up!

4 - WH Hostess

Perfect for: putting the final finishing touch on the gorgeous packages you’re gifting this year.

Upgrade your standard gift tags with these custom designed gift tags. Available in foil print or your choice of colors these tags are the extra touch to the thoughtfulness you’ve put into the gifts you’ve chosen for your loved ones. Why go with sticky labels when you can have beautiful + luxe handcrafted gift tags.

6 - Whimsy and Spice

Perfect for: aunts + uncles, neighbors, teachers, and delivery people.

If you’re looking for something totally unique with the added bonus of being delicious, then pop over to Whimsy and Spice to pick out the perfect gift. Their shop is filled to the brim with sweet and delicious handmade treats that are bound to put you on the nice list. And of course, don’t forget to pick up some goodies to treat Santa, too.

They have a special offer just for Le Papier blog readers - use code LPS10 for 10% off your order between now and December 8.

7 - Candelles

Perfect for: your best friend, co-worker, sister-in-law and neighbor.

There’s nothing more perfect for the season than a beautiful candle. Hand-poured by a small team in Pennsylvania this isn’t your typical candle. The scents are delectable + divine (my personal favorite is the Peppermint Bark, it’s absolutely amazing) and since it’s 100% pure soy wax it has a phenomenal burn time and burns beautifully.

Candelles has an amazing offer just for Le Papier’s gift guide! Use code “HOLIDAY25” to receive 25% off any regular priced candles now until the end of December!

8 - Farmgirl Flowers

Perfect for: your babysitter, boss, hairdresser and yourself!

Farmgirl Flowers is my go-to choice when I need to send flowers. Their service is incredible and their arrangements are breathtaking. They make a total statement when the recipient opens her delivery and is taken aback by the beauty and unique design of these arrangements. With very reasonably priced overnight shipping across the United States it’s easy to see why Farmgirl Flowers is fast becoming a fan favorite.

11 - Emily Ley's Simplified Planner

Perfect for: you, your college age daughter, your on top of everything best friend

I am a write it all down type of girl. If it needs to get done it needs to be written down. I love using a planner to keep all business related task organized. We use iCalendar for all family activities but when I need my paper planner, I love how simple and easy Emily Ley planners are. I use the daily myself. One additional bonus? They are oh so pretty so I love to carry it in my purse or display it on my white desk.

May all your holiday shopping be joyful + merry!

Alyssa + Vana

For the love of silhouettes: Interview with Meg Hillery

November 02, 2017

Meg is a wife and mommy to one precious boy, Alden and the genius behind the darling instagram feed @megluxe.
I wanted to interview Meg and share her love for silhouettes (as you know I am a bit biased:)
When did you first fall in love with silhouettes?
My parents collected antiques and I must have been exposed to silhouettes at an early age because I have memories of always loving them and thinking they were somewhat enchanting. They give you only a hint of what someone looks like. When I was twelve my sister took me to Disneyland and treated me to having my silhouette hand-cut by one of their silhouette artists. I thought it was just the most amazing thing ever! I always envisioned having the silhouettes of my children hanging in my home one day.
You use silhouettes to document your little boy's life. Tell us more about it.
When we designed my son's nursery we left a frame empty so we could fill it with his newborn silhouette. When he was weeks old we took his side profile photo and cut it out of cardstock, mounted it and framed it for his nursery wall. Children change by the day so having that sweet little profile saved forever is such a treasure to us!
Besides silhouettes what other methods do you use to capture and record your little one?

Silhouettes are such a beautiful and classic way to represent and remember someone you love. They are sweet, sophisticated and timeless! They go well with each decor style!

As a mother, time moves faster than ever and each day I am yearning to capture and record every moment before it slips away. We document and treasure our family's milestones through photography, monthly update photo, journaling, family growth charts and hand print ornaments...and many other things. Taking a few moments to take a photo is so special down the road but going the extra step to turning it into a silhouettes is that much more when it comes to capturing our little ones. We love documenting out son's life daily and the yearly silhouette pumpkin has been a fun way to do it.

The genius Silhouette Pumpkin! Tell us more!

We love making these silhouette pumpkins. We started when Alden was a tiny wee baby and have been doing them (life size) every year. 💙 They are super easy to make. You'll need a fake foam pumpkin (we got ours from Hobby Lobby), some tape, your printed silhouette, some pushpins and an xacto knife!

Directions: tape your printed silhouette to your craft pumpkin, then slowly poke a pushpin through the paper and into a pumpkin along the line you want to cut. Make the holes close enough to capture the details then remove the paper and use the holes as a guide to cut the pumpkin with an xacto knife! Smooth rough edges with fine sand paper (optional).

You are one of our most loyal customers! What do you love about LPS and what's your new favorite product?
I am head over heels with just about LPS piece!
Vana is the expert at taking a snapshot of time and transforming it into a beautiful heirloom piece that can be worn and cherished for years and years. It is so magical to wear a completely personalized and sentimental piece of jewelry, especially when it is the delicate silhouette of someone you love. It is the sweetest way to keep your loved ones near and dear!
My husband had designed and made a few charms for me when I was pregnant. I loved the idea of having a sterling silver silhouette charm of our new baby boy.  When I was introduced to LPS I immediately fell in love! The charms were exactly what I had envisioned.
My first LPS piece was my first Mother's Day gift - it was our son's silhouette charm for my charm bracelet. It sits between two other sentimental silver charms that represent my son: a lamb and a key with an A in it (which my husband made).
We plan to have our future children's profiles made into charms and added to that bracelet.
I also own the Classic Silhouette Tiny Charm Necklace (with our son's one year silhouette). The tiny gold charm is so dainty and delicate, I love the delight that comes over people's faces when they discover it is a silhouette. When I mention it is my son's silhouette they are blown away and ask where I had it made. Following suit with the bracelet, we plan to add our future children's one year silhouette to this necklace.


Once we are done having children, I plan on purchasing the gold silhouette locket and the laser engraved tie bar made with all their silhouettes. 


How a new product is born

November 01, 2017

New products are always fun to launch. But do you know how they are born and what goes behind bringing one to life? It's a fun (and at times challenging) process and I am sharing it with you today via this cool info-graphic illustration.


Silhouette Stenciled Easter Eggs Tutorial

April 14, 2017

With Easter right around the corner (well, for most of you!) I thought I would share this fun tutorial I created a few years back.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • wooden eggs (various sizes)
  • all-purpose sealer
  • acrylic paints (your favorite colors – I am using white, pink and blue)
  • silhouettes
  • scissors
  • cutting board
  • marker
  • contact paper
  • brushes (sponge brushes for painting the larger areas, and fine tip brushes for touching up the silhouettes)


1. Start by sealing the wooden eggs with an all-purpose sealer. This will ensure the paint goes on evenly. Let the eggs dry for a couple of minutes. Continue by tracing the silhouettes on the contact paper. Once you have all the silhouettes traced, start cutting their outlines with x-acto knife or scissors.

2. Next, start painting the eggs your favorite color (remember this first coat is the color your silhouettes will be – so if you want white silhouettes, your first coat should be white). Let the eggs dry.

3. Peel off the back and stick the silhouette on the egg. Burnish the outside edges with your thumb. This will keep the dye from penetrating – resulting in a sharp silhouette.

5. Apply a second color over the entire egg, covering the silhouettes. This second color could vary from egg to egg. Allow them to dry for about 2-5 minutes. Start to pill the sticker and violá! You just made silhouette Easter eggs!

Tip 1: with a fine tip brush touch up the silhouettes to ensure crisp edges.

Tip 2: you can reuse the cut out silhouettes more than once.

Hope you enjoyed it! Share a link to your tutorials on the comments area.

Our Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 12, 2017

Or...as I like to call it, things I like to buy for myself. Which is what gift guides are all about, right? Now, click share and send this guide to the person in charge of your gift :)


1. Jo Malone perfume (my favorite is orange blossom...) | 2. Mother - Daughter Necklace set (it's a bestseller for a reason) | 3. Eberjey Kimono robe | 4. Baies Scented candle (I am obsessed) | 5. Sugar Paper Stationery (any of it, all of it!) | 6. Silhouette Charm Organic Bangles | 7. Silhouette Locket  (the new heirloom mom will obsess over) | 8. J crew bag (umm...because blush!)

New Product - The Silhouette Locket

April 03, 2017

A few months ago I decided to discontinue one of our best selling products, the Silhouette Locket. It was a difficult decision to make but I did that because although a beautiful product, we had received many emails back from customers worried of it being ruined if in contact with water. Unlike any of our other products, our silhouette locket used to be constructed of paper and resin (sealer) which although beautiful didn't completely meet our standards. Since the day I decided to discontinue the original locket, I started researching and designing a new locket. I wanted the new locket to be waterproof but also constructed of the best materials possible.

Our new Silhouette Locket is constructed entirely of fine sterling silver and it features laser engraved silhouettes inside the locket. It is entirely waterproof and destined to become a new favorite heirloom.

The lockets are available in 3 sizes: the small, medium and large.

The small size is comparable to our old mini lockets and can accommodate up to 2 silhouettes (one per side).

The medium locket can accommodate up to 4 silhouettes (2 per side as shown in the picture above). The large locket can accommodate up to 6 silhouettes (3 per side).

To order click on any of the images above.

From Etsy Artist to Thriving Entrepreneur - my interview with Alexis Fedor

March 31, 2017

Last week I was invited to share my entrepreneurial experience on Alexis Fedor's Artists in Business podcast.

Happy 5th Birthday John!

March 22, 2017

Today is your birthday. You turned 5 years old! Five!! In your words, "you're a big kid now!" In mine, "excuse me while I sob forever!" 😭 Seriously though, why did you have to grow so fast? You are my baby! Can you stay little forever?

You have the most amazing personality. The things you say stop me in my tracks...daily. Like the other day when you took a good look at me and proceeded to saying "Mom, you look old " Come again 👂? I know you love me and didn't mean to stab me right in the gut but seriously kiddo!! Why?!

You make the funniest facial expressions. I think you took that from me....definitely! Just look at this picture. It only took me 20 tries to get a semi-descent one 😆 You love school and are soooo loyal to your friends. You take every word so literally. You ask so many questions and always ponder on our answers...because no matter what we say, you have a better answer. We love you to the moon and back and we can't imagine life without you in it, sweet boy!

Happy 5th birthday, John! Looking forward to celebrating you today and forever.



It's our Birthday! Celebrate with us!

March 08, 2017

Le Papier Studio turned 9 years old today! Who knew that 9 years ago as I opened my Etsy shop and uploaded my first design I was just getting starting on this crazy fun journey of entrepreneurship! I am so proud of what our brand has become and what it stands for today. But we wouldn't be here without YOUR support and loyalty! As a thank you for supporting my business over the years, I am offering a 20% off all orders special for the next 24 hours! I hope you take advantage of it and purchase that little something you've been keeping your eye on.
Simply enter code 9YEARS at checkout.


I am Vana Chupp, a wife, mother of two sweet boys and the heart and soul behind Le Papier Studio. This blog chronicles my thoughts on running a small business and capturing life's special moments. Read more...