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2 Fun + Easy Summer Looks

June 18, 2016

One of my favorite things about summer is the carefree days. The kids are home and my work slows down quite a bit, so we try to make the most of it. Full disclosure, I do not dress up for work but if I had to, this is the look I would go for.

Le Papier Studio Silhouette Charm Necklace | Warby Parker Sunglasses | Zara Skirt | Lyst Contrast Silk Top | Clare V Handbag | J.Crew D'Orsey Flats

I absolutely love this elegant skirt! It's so light and bright - perfect for spring or summer. The d'orsey flats are so versatile and can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts or shorts.

Le Spec Sunglasses | Le Papier Studio Bangles | Lanbao Linen Dress via Etsy | Espadrilles | Straw Tote

This look is so easy. You can't go wrong with natural colors and fabrics!

What are some of your favorite picks this summer?

5 Tips to Successful Product Packaging

June 15, 2016

When it comes to selling your products online or in a retail store, one important element of your brand identity that should be carefully considered is the Packaging Design. Your product packaging should enhance your product and not take away from it. With people (read clients) becoming more design savvy each day (thanks to sites like Pinterest, Instagram etc) we should be encouraged to come up with innovative ideas for our brands. If you have a unique product, carry the design through your entire brand. Here are 5 useful tips:

1. Consider Shopper Experience

This is by far the most important tip (hence being #1)! What is the first impression your customer gets when they receive your product? Packaging is MORE important that the actual product itself. I know, I know! It threw me off too at first...but it's true. Your packaging tells the story before the customer has had a chance to look at the product. Make it attractive and to the point!

2. List the Benefits

What does your product do for the customer? How does it make his/her life better? This is where the real selling point lies. Your product packaging offers an opportunity to speak directly to your customer through your design esthetics.

3. Consider Your Price Point

When a customer purchases a higher price product, she expects the packaging to live up to that product's price point. Some of our best sellers include 14K Solid Gold necklaces. We know our packaging for these products should reflect the value of the product itself. Therefore, we designed a more elaborate packaging elements for them.


4. Use Powerful Visuals

A great copy that doesn't sounds like a billboard ad is important but know that pictures (and good graphics) are worth a thousand words. Be concise and to the point - how will your product be used? Include enough visuals to give the client an idea about the benefits of the product.

When it comes to making a point, I love to refer to this picture - it captures the benefits our products offer to our clients. Our products capture life's special moments into heirloom silhouette products. This picture evokes the magic of that moment forever (my little dude checking out his custom silhouette as a charm on my ever so treasured necklace!)

5. Hire An Expert

For many small companies money is tight and the budget doesn't always allow for a full on branding collaterals. If you think you do not have the skill set and knowledge needed to design some of the branding elements, from product design, to marketing and packaging, you should trust (hire) an expert. You might have a good eye for what works, but coming up with the goods is a different story. 

Is your brand ready to make a huge impression?

Stop second guessing and let's team up together to create a brand that will have your customers coming back for more time and time again! Give me the chance to make you stand out from the crowd! Email Me Now!

Interested in more Branding advice? Check out my free series HERE.

3 tips for picking the right frame for your Custom Silhouette

May 17, 2016

When it comes to helping you select a frame for your custom silhouette, we've made the process easy by offering a small collection of frames that complements our silhouettes. Yet, you may wonder which of the 3 options to choose from. Here are 3 tips that make the selection a breeze:

Black Frame + Black Silhouette

    If you ordered one of our classic black silhouettes on white background, select a black frame to carry on the classic look. This option looks great against light walls and mixes well with light or dark furniture. This option is our most popular!

        White Frame + Colored Silhouette

        For gold or silver foil (or any other color) silhouettes, go for the minimalist look of a simple white frame. The silhouette remains the main focus drawing attention where needed. This option goes well against light backgrounds and complements modern decor.

        Natural Frame + White or Colored Silhouette on Dark Background

        Reverse the effect by pairing a white or colored silhouette on a black background with a natural frame. The contrast is striking and creates a unique effect that can go in any space. Try grouping a few together to create a gallery wall.

        These are just a few options proved to work well on many custom framed silhouettes we've created through the years. Perhaps you have a new idea/preference? We would love to hear it!

          New partnership with Framebridge!

          May 17, 2016

          We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Framebridge for all of our Custom Framing needs.
          For those of you who have experienced our products in person, you are aware of the great attention to detail that goes into making each and every one of them.  We are so excited to now be offering a selection of beautiful frames for all our Silhouette Prints! The new frames are modern and minimalist, allowing all focus to be on the Silhouettes.

          Click here to view the entire collection of frames!

          Valentine’s Day Gifts – 5 Picks!

          February 03, 2016

          With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to help take the guessing game out of the equation and prepared a small gift guide featuring our top 5 favorite products. Smiles guaranteed!

          1. Custom Silhouette Charm Necklace (starting at $168), 2. Silhouette Laser Cut Cuff, (starting at $160) 3. Couple Silhouette Print, (starting at $24) 4. His and Hers Silhouette Lucite “catch-all” Tray, (starting at $60) 5.“What’s your mark?” Personalized Cuff Bracelet (starting at $78)

          Meet Our New Personalized Jewelry!

          January 13, 2016

          Hi there!

          Seems like eternity since I last wrote on this good old blog of mine. Life has been full (more on that in a future post!) but I look forward to being back to posting on regular basis here. But first, this awesome new collection! Check it out, y’all!

          Laser Engraved Cuff Bracelet in Silver + Gold!

          You asked and we listened!
          What better way to pair our already popular Laser Cut Silhouette Cuff than with these adorable Personalized Cuffs? Available in both sterling silver and gold fill, these new bracelets are sure to become a quick favorite.

          Our Personalized Cuff can be customized with names, a short quote, coordinates or dates (up to 50 characters). Personalization is laser engraved which makes for an outstanding precision. I absolutely love layering mine with my Silhouette Cuff. It makes for a special duo with its own story to tell.

          Personalized Bar Necklace in Silver + Gold

          This bar necklace has a darling, balanced proportions and looks beautiful hanging from our signature delicate chain. For an elegant layered look, you can pair it with one of our best selling Tiny Silhouette Charm Necklaces (as shown in picture below). Make your mark with this piece by customizing it with your favorite name, date, quote, etc.

          Personalized Custom Silhouette Charms in Silver + Gold

          We couldn’t forget our most treasured Classic Silhouette Charms! Many of you have asked to have the option of engraving them. I am so excited about adding this new option. They can be personalized with initials, monograms, names, or dates. I can’t wait to see what you decide to put on yours!

          New Home Studio Tour!

          October 22, 2015

          Hello! Good to have you here. Thanks for stopping by to view this home studio tour. A little information about this space…

          In July we moved to Richmond, VA from Chicago. We decided renting for a year would be the best option for our family. It would allow us to check out the different neighborhoods in Richmond, before we decide on where to settle. Turns out we love the area we are renting in.

          We decided to turn the biggest bedroom in the house to my home studio. It was the best decision ever. The office is spacious and gets the most amazing afternoon light. Not to mention the gorgeous view!

          Some of you might remember my last home studio tour in Chicago. You might remember the striking black chalkboard wall. Oh how I loved that wall! Since we are renting one of the rules here (which honestly I don’t mind because I actually love the paint color) is to not paint over. So naturally, I had to design my new space around a light color wall…Turns out I love how the new wall gallery looks. It’s such a fresh, crisp look and it goes perfectly with my new accents around the studio.

           One of my favorite spots in this reading corner. I love sitting here on Sunday afternoons to make my weekly to-do list or read to my little guy.What did I tell you about that gorgeous natural light?Some of my hand sketches from college grace this wall.

          Directly opposite of the gallery wall is this long bookcase. It holds supplies and tools as well as different nick knacks and family frames. I created the silhouette paper to use as backing – check out the tutorial here. I currently have this cozy chair here but it will soon be replaced with a less bulky couch (still shopping for an elegant piece – mid-century modern would be my preference) 

          The various size frames and art pieces block the least eye pleasing areas and also hold our dearest family photographs. Each square opening gives me the chance to do a bit of styling  I should mention that I didn’t purchase many new pieces for this new space. The only new piece was the rug (the old one was too small and wouldn’t have worked here). I converted the only closet into a storage room.  I used some bookcases previously used around the house as the main pieces to hold all my shipping supplies, ribbons, papers etc. The left of it (not captures very well on this picture) serves as my packaging station.

          As in our previous home, this room has quickly become our family’s favorite space. We gather here to chat, do various activities or simply watch a movie.

          So there you have it! I hope you like it. If you do, make sure to share it by using the share buttons below.


          White tables, drawer cabinets and bookcases, IKEA
          Ghost chairs, Amazon
          Frames, IKEA and other various sources
          Rugs, (8×10 black and white herringbone by RugsUSA (white and sheepskins), IKEA,
          Upholstered Chair (Custom by Nate Berkus, purchased at an estate sale in Chicago)
          Pillows, IKEA and WillaSkyeHome
          Curtains, IKEA

          Table Lamp, Home Goods


          Previous Studio Tour (this was my Chicago home studio)

          2015 Holiday Collection is Here!

          October 16, 2015

          It’s here! Our 2015 Holiday Collection offers a modern spin on the time-honored silhouette. Updated for today’s contemporary lifestyle – we long to capture family memories in a most clever and elegant fashion. The ultra edited line expands the old-fashioned silhouette form into a full range of products for home and personal intent. Choose from our heirloom Jewelry pieces, unique Ornaments and much more…

          For your enjoyment we’ve taken the stress of web browsing out of your busy day by offering a hand picked gift guide for each and every person near and dear to you! SHOP COLLECTION HERE>>>

          Life after the move…

          August 17, 2015

          Photo of John and I in Greece this past June

          As summer wraps up, I can’t help but reminiscent over all that has happened. In early May as we were preparing to leave for a month long vacation in Greece, we were faced with a huge decision, a potential move…to another state…a position at a great firm for Aaron. After a lot of prayers we accepted the offer and decided to move to Richmond, Va.

          We attended my little sister’s wedding in Greece, and had quite possibly the best time ever. The month long vacation came to and end rather quickly (why is it that time flies when you are having fun?) – we returned to Chicago and had 8 days to pack up and move. We made it happen!!

          We are here in Va now and although I would be lying if I said we are settled just fine (that would take time) I am happy to say we liked it here and can see ourselves making great friends and life in Virginia. Looking forward to this new chapter in our life.

          Schools starts after Labor Day here which is bittersweet – Nikolas starts at a new school and John will also be going to Preschool for 3 days a week. I will miss my sweet babies but I am also looking forward to getting back to a routine. It would do all of us some good:)

          On another note: we received word that almost all our products at the local Chicago target stores are sold out! This has truly been an amazing business experience and I’m hoping it’s going to open up doors to more opportunities. If you have been wanting to get your hands on some of the goodies, we have a limited amount on our Etsy Shop.

          I hope you are savoring what’s left of your summer.

          New Product : 14K Solid Gold Tiny Charm Necklace

          August 05, 2015

          When I look back at my early childhood, one thing I remember vividly is my mother’s favorite necklace. Three dainty birthstones, one for each of her daughters, dangling ever so gently on a golden chain. As a child I would pass my fingers through this necklace and wish one day it would be mine :)
          When I set out to design our newest necklace, I wanted it to be of the finest material, 14K Solid Gold – not only because of its quality but because this necklace would be my (and hopefully yours) most cherished piece. The one you get to keep around your neck every day and hope to one day pass down to someone special in your family.

          The necklace is constructed of fine 14K solid yellow gold laser cut charms featuring your loved ones’ custom silhouettes and initials on an elegant rolo chain (available in 16 and 18 inch length). The necklace can hold a single charm as shown above or as many charms as your heart desires. Each silhouette charm is teeny tiny and measures approximately 3/8 inches. The initial charms (optional) are even smaller, approximately 1/4 inches (although not necessary, I love them so much as they add an extra element to this necklace).

          PLEASE NOTE! If you have custom silhouettes on file with us, make sure to order yourself one of these necklaces. They will become your favorite piece, no question asked.



          I am Vana Chupp, a wife, mother of two sweet boys and the heart and soul behind Le Papier Studio. This blog chronicles my thoughts on running a small business and capturing life's special moments. Read more...




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