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Our Custom Silhouette Process

September 25, 2016

We often get asked about our custom silhouette process. To me it's second nature since I've created thousands of custom silhouettes, but for many it's still a mystery. This post is going to break down the process and provide a few helpful tips on the types of pictures that generate the best silhouettes.

The process

As you may guess we only work with photographs. A silhouette is as good as a photograph - therefore I can't stress enough the importance of a great photo. When selecting your photo, keep in mind 3 things: fun, memorable, and easy to work with.

A great example is this photo.

From this photo we than create out outline of the bodies, also known as silhouette.

You get the idea..

Last and most import part, we laser cut the silhouette out of precious metals (sterling silver or gold filled) to create the most exquisite of pieces, like this one of a kind necklace.

If you ask me, this is the most unique gift you can ever give or receive. It captures your loved ones to perfection and allows you to carry them close to your heart.

Tips for perfect silhouettes

Although these tips are specific for head silhouettes, a few of them work well for full body photos. When it comes to selecting full body photos, make sure to select a fun one, something it reminds you of a special time. Candid photos make great silhouettes. Make sure to let your photographer know on your next family session:)

Looking forward to creating something super special for you this holiday season!

Meet Our New Full Body Silhouette Necklaces!

September 22, 2016

The moment you said "Yes!"
The day you welcomed your first child.
Your kids' best furry friend.
Your happy family.
Each of these moments have one thing in common, they are worth remembering and treasuring forever. We love capturing them in silhouette form and creating elegant heirlooms worthy to be passed down from generation to generation!


Introducing our newest creations, the Full Body Silhouette Necklaces!

These necklaces feature your loved ones' silhouettes created from their most treasured photographs. Each necklace is artistically created to capture the most unique of features, laser cut and hand polished to perfection.

We would love to turn your favorite picture/s into a unique necklace. Ordering is simple. Satisfaction always guaranteed!

A Week in Greece

September 09, 2016

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be traveling to Greece to spend a week with my sisters and their families. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember all my family lives overseas. I used to travel every year up until John was born. Traveling has become a bit more challenging with two kids. Last summer we took John for the first time to Greece and we had a wonderful month long vacation. Both boys traveled so well, despite my worrying.

This time I will be going solo and I am equally excited and nervous. The visit is so short that taking one of the boys would have made this visit a bit more difficult. That said, I am looking forward to meeting my newest niece and nephew (twins) born to my youngest sister (who's wedding we attended last summer) and spending some time with my family.

I will be sharing some pictures mainly on Instagram but I have to warn you, there will be more than a few baby pictures, food and some scenery. I am looking forward to all of it!

Dear Nikolas

September 08, 2016

You started middle school this week! I won't lie. I was looking forward for school to start and our life to fall back into somewhat of a routine. But what I haven't been looking forward to is you being a 6th grader. Seems like yesterday that you started 1st grade at our beloved Guardian Angel School in Chicago.Β  So much has changed since state, new city, new school, new friends...the list is long. You too have changed, as to be expected. I love the boy you have grown to be and I look forward to how you will continue to grow this year.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • You're a great helper, landing a hand around the house. You're doing this in exchange of some allowance money. You're showing signs of maturity already:)
  • This month we will start testing your babysitting abilities...with your little brother. You're a year away from legal babysitting/working age, so we thought we'd start you out at home.
  • You are part of the school's band and play a trumpet - so far so good.

I am looking forward to this year, Nikolas. You've grown so much already. I love you so much sweet boy!



Making a Mini Look Book with Chatbooks

September 07, 2016

When it comes to product photography, it is no secret that I love using my iPhone camera for quick photo sharings on social media, and my SLR camera for website-ready photos. It is no surprise that the photos receiving the most likes are the ones that require very little styling, the ones that feel candid. I love that!

It is those very pictures I decided to use in our new look book which doubles as a mini version of our wholesale catalog. After a little search I decided to go with Chatbooks. and order their mini custom books.

These mini books measure 6x6 inches and can have anywhere from 30 to 366 pages. And they are super affordable. At $8 each, I think I got myself an incredible deal. For an extra $5 you can upgrade to a hardcover. I didn't though and I love these little books just as much!

When creating your book, you have the option to upload your favorite pictures directly from Instagram or if you went with the custom book option, you can also upload pictures from your computer. If you are doing a look book this is super useful, because you can create a picture of the front color of the book as well as any other pages (like the About Us, or terms and policies page in the case of my look book). I love sending these copies of these mini books to my brand ambassadors as well as bring them to trunk shows. They are fun and easy to look through!

The folks at Chatbooks have kindly offered a Free first book for our readers/fans with code LEPAPIER.

What kind of book would you order? A summer vacation album? Look books for your business? I can't wait to hear! Happy Chatbooking!Β 


Le Papier Studio Studio Tour on Glitter Guide!

September 05, 2016

What?! Yeah! I love Glitter Guide...all the glitter and the guides. I mean, who doesn't?! It was so sweet of them to feature my studio. You can see the entire thing here...

PPhoto by Andrea Pesce Photo.

6 Back to School Tips for Parents

September 03, 2016

I don't know if I should cry or laugh about my kids going back to school next week. I think I'll do the latter..😁 Seriously though! I didn't even complain at the crazy long lines of parents frantically trying to purchase every last item on the supply lists! πŸ’ Kids are headed back to school next week (school starts after labor day here, as it should) and I back to my normal routine. But let's stop for a sec. How is my oldest already a 6th grader? 😭😭😭 Than, there's our little guy, who's going into pre-k yet is acting like he twirls the world on his little pinkie πŸ™„ Ok. Enough with the mixed emotions. I want to focus on the happy and positive side of going back to school. With that said, I am happy to share this short list of back to school tips that I've found useful these past few years.

  1. Transition into a new school schedule. For our family (may be yours too) that means adjust the sleeping schedule. Going to bed half an hour earlier so we can get up on time. I don't think the boys have a hard time getting up in the morning. It's just the going to bed earlier part that we struggle with the most. This goes for means as well. During the summer, our boys tend to eat here and there during the day (especially if we are out and about). Set a routine that works with your family's schedule when it comes to means and snacks.
  2. Add school events to a family calendar. Aaron is big on this. He makes sure all school dates/events/sports are added into our family calendar which is synced with all our computers and phones. He also sets notifications on (which by the way drive me crazy, and full disclosure, I try to turn off...NO!!) I like to write everything down on my paper planner/calendar. So whatever works for you, do that!
  3. Organize their closest + shop for new clothes. This is by far my favorite task to do. Crazy, right? I can't wait for this time of year where I get to purge, purge, purge. I go through their closets and after I have organized all the clothes that fit, I make two piles: donation and pass-me-downs. I am not always on top of my game with this, but I tend to do most of the back to school shopping during sales throughout the summer. I dislike feeling rushed at the end when everyone hits the stores at the same time.
  4. Set aside a family time. For us family time is Friday night, both during the summer and the school year. We keep it simple. A simple dinner, popcorn and a movie. After a long week of school and work, what our family needs the most is to just be together. This is also the time we spend communicating different things to our kids and also hearing from them in great detail about new experiences or concerns at school.
  5. Don't forget the forms!! All the medical forms, the registration forms, school name it. Get to them and fast! Luckily this year a lot of our oldest school forms and fees are filled out and completed online.
  6. Everything on its place. There is nothing that stresses me out the most than a messy house during the week. To avoid chaos from all the school papers, backpacks, etc, set up a designated area for all the school related items that can be quickly found when you need them.

5 interesting things

September 02, 2016

What are your plans for the weekend? We're gonna lay low and rest. I may be picking up a book to read on my trip. God any recommendations? This past week I came across these 5 interesting things. I hope you enjoy them too...

One - This awesome article - it is so good and eye opening, especially as our little ones head back to school.

Two - If you like Greek food, you will love this recipe...and the entire website for that matter. I have it bookmarked and it is my go-to site for interesting recipes. Not your typical Greek recipes.

Three - The older I get, the more drawn I am to minimal + classic styles...this board on Pinterest is all sorts of lovely.

Four - The first time I heard of Elizabeth Gilbert was when Eat Pray Love came out. But over the years, I have become quite fond of her books. I just finished reading this one. I highly recommend it to creative types. Lots of good material to ponder upon.

Five - "People-pleasers guide to please people" Number 3 made me laugh out loud...

Happy weekend everyone!

Happy September!

September 01, 2016

Friends I'm back! After, what seems to have been the longest summer evah (for me at least) I am happy to spend some time posting on the blog again. I am also glad this week is finally over! John came down with a nasty stomach bug which had us cancel our most anticipated Labor Day family trip to Chicago 😌 Sometimes being an adult and making decisions sucks, right? But I am happy to say our little peanut is doing better already.

September is here and I have my reasons to be extra happy! Goodbye summer! See you next year! A few reasons make why this month is going to be great.

Trip to Greece

I am traveling to Greece next Saturday for a short visit to meet my new niece and nephew πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά and spend a week or so with my family. For the first time since we had kids, I am going solo. Kind of happy about that!

Launch of New Jewelry Line

For those of you who follow me along on instagram and facebook you might have noticed the sneak peeks of the new necklaces featuring full body silhouettes. This line has been in the works for a few months now and I can't be happier with the results. The pieces will make wonderful gifts for moms and grandmothers this upcoming holiday season. Launch date is September 20th! Mark your calendars!

#ShowUsYourLPS Contest

It's been a lot of fun seeing pictures of our products in action. We love it when our customers post pictures and tag us #ShowUsYourLPS so we decided to turn this into a fun monthly contest. Each month we take a look at the pool of pictures and select one winner who receives a $50 gift certificate at our store. Are you a customer of ours? Make sure you post a picture and tag us!

Brand Ambassador Program

And last but not least, we are so happy to have narrowed down the selection to 15 wonderful brand ambassadors who will be representing our brand and help us grow brand awareness on social media and beyond.

Happy September friends! Fall is just around the corner...and it happened to be my favorite season of all...


2 Fun + Easy Summer Looks

June 18, 2016

One of my favorite things about summer is the carefree days. The kids are home and my work slows down quite a bit, so we try to make the most of it. Full disclosure, I do not dress up for work but if I had to, this is the look I would go for.

Le Papier Studio Silhouette Charm Necklace | Warby Parker Sunglasses | Zara Skirt | Lyst Contrast Silk Top | Clare V Handbag | J.Crew D'Orsey Flats

I absolutely love this elegant skirt! It's so light and bright - perfect for spring or summer. The d'orsey flats are so versatile and can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts or shorts.

Le Spec Sunglasses | Le Papier Studio Bangles | Lanbao Linen Dress via Etsy | Espadrilles | Straw Tote

This look is so easy. You can't go wrong with natural colors and fabrics!

What are some of your favorite picks this summer?


I am Vana Chupp, a wife, mother of two sweet boys and the heart and soul behind Le Papier Studio. This blog chronicles my thoughts on running a small business and capturing life's special moments. Read more...




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